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This discussion topic is designed to give you the opportunity to peruse the assignment instructions for all the research related writing assignments in WRTG 394.

This task will allow you to begin thinking about and planning for your WRTG 394 research writing assignments, the Synthesis Literature Review, the Research Proposal Memo, and the Research-Based Report.

NOTE: This is a discussion topic designed to help you begin thinking about the three research-related writing assignments in WRTG 394. Completing this discussion topic does not complete any of the assignments discussed in this topic. This simply helps you become familiar with your assignments so that you can plan for the rest of your WRTG 394 course.

In the Content area of the 394 classroom under the heading Sample Papers, open each of the following sets of writing assignment instructions:

  • sample synthesis literature review (WA #2)
  • sample research proposal memo (WA #3)
  • sample research-based report (WA#4)

Note that the student used the same topic for all three of these assignments. You are expected to use the same topic for all three of these writing assignments in your WRTG 394 course.

Please use these sample papers to help you answer the following questions:

1. Examine the Synthesis Lit Review (WA#2) instructions. This assignment calls for the student writer to use scholarly (academic) and professional (trade) sources. Explain what you understand a scholarly source and a professional/trade source to be. You should consider offering an example of each type of source.

2. Examine the Research Proposal Memo (WA#3) instructions. What permission must you request? To whom should your memo be addressed? What information about your research must you provide?

3. Take a look at the Research Report (WA#4) instructions. What additional research demands are placed upon the writer for this assignment compared to WA #2? How can you as writer best present your report so that it is most readily accessible for your primary audience?

4. Writing on the same topic for WA#2 and WA#4 make the writing of the research report an easier task than it would have been if different topics had been chosen. Comment on how the writing on the same topic for both these assignments can help you as you write your research report.

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