Title: it is a sermon on "How Evil Works Within Our Society and What We Can Do to Combat It"

Sermon Evaluation link: https://holycitydc.org/2021/01/22/sermon-january-22-2021-how-evil-works-within-our-society-and-what-we-can-do-to-combat-it/

 Use the Title above and the sermon link above following the question instruction below.


General Description

You will write a 800-1,000 word paper that synthesizes and responds to a real-world example of Bible reading that may or may not be “responsible.” You will evaluate the content using the tools and principles from the course. You can pick from a sermon (local or not), podcast episode, social media post, meme, or other content.

Specific Requirements

Elements of the Paper

Your paper should contain the following elements:

Section 1: Summary of the content (~200-250 words)

Give an overview of the content (sermon, podcast, article, meme, etc.) you are evaluating. What scriptures is it using? What assumptions is it making? What is the point, whether the point is stated explicitly or not?

In this section, you are not yet assessing or making any judgments about the content. You are simply summarizing it.

Section 2: Using the Two Tools: Genre and Context (~175-200 words each)

Now dive into the scriptures the content uses. Spend about ¾ page on the genre. (If, say, the sermon is using Genesis, describe what Genesis is actually trying to do. What kind of writing is it?) 

Spend another ¾ page on  context. If the content is quoting a scripture passage, describe the broader context in which the passage appears. (If, say, the sermon is quoting a verse from one of Paul’s letters, talk about what’s going on in the broader paragraph and book in which the verse appears). Use the material from the course, including the instructor videos and the Fee & Stuart book. 

You are still not net making judgments about the content itself. You’re describing the source material the author/preacher/etc is using.

Section 3: Evaluating the content (~250-350 words)

Now start evaluating. You are pairing the summary of the content you did in section 1 with the tools you used in section 2. You are answering questions like these:

  • Is the content you are evaluating using the scripture accurately and responsibly according to the genre of scripture it is?
    • Examples:
      • If they’re quoting Genesis to make an argument about the age of the earth, what has this course taught you about how to responsibly read Genesis? Is that an accurate way to apply the genre of Genesis?
      • If they’re quoting a proverb as though it applies to everyone at all times equally, is that what the genre of “proverb” is trying to do?
  • Is the content you are evaluating using the scripture accurately and responsibly according to its broader context?
    • Example:
      • If they’re quoting a scripture about “eye for an eye” in order to make a case for vengeance, what other scriptures might they be ignoring or leaving out? How (if at all) would those scriptures change the point the content is making?


  • Between 800-1,000 words
  • Clear headings to mark your three sections
  • Free of spelling/grammatical errors
  • APA Format

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