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1. Show me you understand the basics of what makes a group. Groups are good! Given our on-line classroom, with most of us camera off and mic off, were we a group? Explain your reasoning.

2. In our discussion of bad leaders, I brought up the toxic triangle: a combination of bad leaders, bad followers (followers to gain rewards, and followers who seek a strong leader to protect them) and a frightening environment. Why might a bad leader want to make the environment more threatening to his/her own group? Explain.

3. A key part of resolving a controversy is conceptual conflict. According to class, why does conceptual conflict ultimately push the person into adjusting their views?

4. What does it mean for a group to be conflict positive? Explain why leaders and managers would prefer conflict positivity.

5.What is the goal dilemma? What happens if you set your goal too far in either direction?

6. In an integrative negotiation, only one of the five basic strategies (withdrawing, smoothing, forcing, compromising, and confronting) is appropriate. Which one and why? Show me you understand these concepts.

can use “JOINING TOGETHER GROUP THEORY AND GROUP SKILLS (12th edition)” book as a source

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