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In this assignment, consider the actual words or works of an important spokesperson for their times. After reading that speaker’s words, use the provided template to write a two-page response that shares your thoughts about the work in question, the historical events happening during the time the work was produced, and the relevance of the work in the present day. Completing this assignment will give you real insight into the thoughts and feelings of an actual participant in historical events. You will also begin to see how learning from past perspectives helps us better understand the issues we face in our own time period.

To complete this assignment, follow these steps:

  • Pick one of the three topic choices below.
  • Use the assignment template to structure your paper on the selected topic:
    • Download the Voices of Change Assignment Template [DOCX].
    • Save the template to the desktop folder on your computer (or another location of your choice) with the following file name: Your First Name_Your Last Name_HUM112_Wk# Assignment_Quarter20yy. Here is an example: Lauren_Philip_HUM112_Wk7 Assignment_Summer 2020.
  • Complete the template. Follow the instructions provided in the template to make sure you add all required content.
  • Review the rubric to see how your assignment will be graded on answer quality, logic and organization of the paper, and language and writing skills.
  • Edit your work, making sure you have discussed each bullet point in the template and checking your work for grammatical errors and proper SWS style.
  • Submit your completed template to Blackboard.
Topic Choices

Topic Choice 1: Frederick Douglass’s speech, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”

Topic Choice 2: Charles Dickens’s Economic Change and Consequences.

Select one of the following works to focus on for your assignment. You can find all four options in Chapter 28 of your textbook. Page numbers are indicated in the bullet points below.

  • Old Curiosity Shop (textbook page 944).
  • Sketches by Boz (textbook page 947).
  • Dombey and Son (textbook page 951).
  • Hard Times (textbook page 952).

Topic Choice 3: Women Challenge Their Audience.

Select one of the following authors to focus on for your assignment:

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