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I’m working on a international trade writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I need a sample draft to be used as a study guide to prepare for the final

1.Target: to test the gravity model.The trade between any two countries, other things equal, proportional to the product oftheir GDPs and diminishes with distance.

2.To Choose one country(Thailand) and together with a mega-region that includes your motherland, just like the USMCA( US, Mexico and Canada)

3.To search the data, test the gravity model and do the analysis by imitating the doing in chapter2.

4. You can consider Import and export between your motherland and the members of the choosing region. and also with the partners which are out of the choosing region.

5.Also you can consider other factors which are language, geography, culture and colonyand multi-trade policy (ex:The Belt and Road Initiative of China)

6.To make a table in Excel and to try to plot them.

7. for data searching

8. for import and export, distance data

The countries would be Thailand and USA

I’ve also attached the lectures from Chapter 2 as a guide

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