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Step 1 – Research

Using the activity plans provided below, identify the “intelligences” that the activities would support. Consider these guiding questions as you review the activity plans:

  1. What stood out in within the activity plans that help connect you to the intelligence(s) that you identified?
  2. What did you need to know about the activity, the intelligence and the child to make the determination?
  3. Does how the teacher will implement the activity have an effect on which intelligence(s) are present?
  4. Which “intelligences” are not present in the activity

    Step 2 – For each activity plan below:

    1. Specifically identify the intelligences present in the activity and how you know
    2. Specifically identify the intelligences missing in the activity and how you know
    3. Write about how you would add or adapt the activity plan to include the other intelligences, you identified that are missing. Add details to describe the adaptations or changes including materials and interactions needed.

    1. Activity Plans:

      Birth to Three Activity Plan

      ACTIVITY NAME: Finger Puppet Play

      AGE GROUP: 0-3
      OBJECTIVE: Children will be able to follow along either through actions or words to the finger play and story
      MATERIALS NEEDED: Book and/or song of Old McDonald and animal finger puppets
      AREA: This is an activity that can be done with large or small groups of children inside the classroom or as an outside activity.
      ACTIVITY WRITE UP: Children will be offered a basket of animal figure puppets to choose from. A teacher may need to support younger children in finding what they are looking for and getting the finger puppet on to their finger. Once children have their finger puppet, the teacher will sing the song Old McDonald, or read the story or do both using a form of technology such as a tablet that will play and audio book version. When the child’s animal is mentioned, he/she will be encouraged to make the animal noise, dance, move like the animal, etc until the next animal name is called. The teacher will allow the activity to last as long as children are interested.

      Three to Five Year Old Activity Plan

      ACTIVITY NAME: Guess who is coming to dinner?

      AGE GROUP: 3-5
      OBJECTIVE: Children will use number concepts while engaging in a mealtime in dramatic play.
      MATERIALS NEEDED: Cups, plates, plastic ware, pretend food, dress-up items that are related to cooking, restaurant, menu’s, table and chairs and other dramatic play items
      AREA: Dramatic play area
      ACTIVITY WRITE UP: As an extension of the learning about food, the dramatic play area will be turned into a restaurant. Children will be encouraged to create a meal, set the table, play host/hostess in the dramatic play area. Teachers will offer to be patrons at the restaurant along with other children. Teachers will use opened ended questions to support and extend children’s play around the topic.Questions that could be asked:”We have a party of 4. How big of a table will you need to seat all of us?””What is the best way to divide this apple so everyone can have a piece?””We each need 2 plates, one for bread and one for salad. I’m not sure there are enough plates on the table. How many plates do you have?”

      School Age Activity Plan

      ACTIVITY NAME: Mosaic Madness

      AGE GROUP: School Age
      OBJECTIVE: Children will be able to sort and create patterns with found materials
      MATERIALS NEEDED: board or stiff paper of some kind, natural found materials, glue
      AREA: This is an activity that can be done completely outside or children can collect their materials outside and create their mosaic inside.
      ACTIVITY WRITE UP: Children will go outside in the yard, neighborhood walk or around their home and collect natural materials with different textures such as acorns, pebbles, shells, seed pods, twigs, etc. After completing that step, using pictures in books, ideas found on the Internet, or their own imagination, children should start thinking creatively about the use of their objects and create a mosaic on a piece of firm cardboard or other firm surface. The children may need to try many arrangements of the pieces before gluing them down. Repeat and cluster colors. Carry movements through the design. Keep trying until the design begins to work. Look around for tree lines, water going down a drain, crowds of people, or other recognizable shapes that will make up a picture of some type.

    2. Your assignment should be at least two (2) pages in length and use section headers to organize.
      For example:Activity Plan Age Group

      • Title of Activity
      • Intelligences present
      • Intelligences missing
      • Adaptations

      (repeat with each Activity Plan Age Group)

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