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Section 1

You will need to install and use Microsoft SQL Server Express and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for this Assessment. You can download the latest versions of these free software products here:

Microsoft SQL Server Express

Microsoft SSMS

Please watch the module videos covering facets associated with non-relational database systems. Navigate to the Academic Tools area of this course and select Library then Required Readings to access your texts and videos.

Based on research and the knowledge you have attained thus far in this class, compose an informative executive-level report examining the potential adoption of a non-relational database system for the Northwind Traders organization. Northwind Traders currently leverages an online transactional processing (OLTP) relational database for maintaining sales transactions and company processes. As the company has expanded, senior level management has recognized the OLTP system is not best suited for the burgeoning data mining and analytical work needed to help keep the company competitive. Northwind leadership also wants to integrate data from external resources for business analyses. You have been tasked to evaluate non-relational database systems that may be suitable for evolving Northwind data analytic processes.

From your research, offer details covering three reasons to implement a non-relational database system at Northwind. Also, discern between effective and ineffective non-relational database options for the Northwind organization. Use examples to make your points. Be sure to examine and describe the common non-relational database approaches listed below, cover when they should be used, and for what type of data.

  • NoSQL databases
    • Document Store
    • Key-Value Data Store
    • BigTable/Wide-Column Store
    • Object Store
    • Graph Store
    • Multi-Model
  • Reporting and analytical databases
    • Big Data
    • Datamart
    • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

After that, select two non-relational database system options and summarize two use cases, each, in place today where non-relational databases are used to effectively analyze data. Provide high-level requirements and specifications for the adoption and implementation of the non-relational database systems. Compare and contrast the non-relational options with the current Northwind OLTP database. To access an aid for comparison, download the Northwind OLTP database design diagram.

Your report should follow APA guidelines and be at least 3 pages in length, not including the required title and reference pages. Your report must include title and reference pages. You must have at least three references. Make sure to follow the most current APA guidelines.

Report Parameters/Expectations:

  1. Include a title page and reference page.
  2. Written work is provided in Standard English.
  3. At least 3 pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page.
  4. Includes a highly developed viewpoint, purpose and exceptional written content.
  5. Writing demonstrates superior organization, is well ordered, logical, and unified.
  6. Free of written grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  7. No evidence of plagiarism.
  8. At least 3 outside references on the topic of the visualizations in addition to the text.
  9. Make sure that the reference page is in the latest APA edition style.

For assistance with APA requirements, please go to Academic Writer. You will find the link in the Academic Tools section of the course.

Section 2

Part 1

The company you work has over 100 on premise servers. There is a large project to cut costs and to virtualize many environments to reduce overall resources and to consolidate applications.

Research these two virtualization technologies

  • VMware
  • Oracle VirtualBox

Implement a high-level comparative analysis between these two virtualization technologies. Then write a 2-page paper on how these virtualization technologies are different from an AWS cloud solution.

Make sure you cover the following topics in your comparative analysis:

  • Operating systems available in each.
  • Costs associated with each virtualization technology.
  • Benefits of one virtualization technology over the other.
  • Specify any limitation one virtualization technology has over the other

Part 2

You manage the IT department for a large company that manages millions of pictures and video files. These files can vary in size and can dynamically change. The files store header information that must be converted to the current native language based on where the file originated. The servers that store the data are spread across multiple data centers throughout the US and in the People’s Republic of China. Capacity is running very low in all data centers and in the Chinese locations is starting to have performance impacts and latency issues.

Write a minimum 2-paper with two sections:

Section 1:

Address the technical aspects of implementing a virtualization strategy for this business scenario by writing on the following:

Based on your previous research or any additional research you do regarding virtualization technologies, discuss how a virtualization strategy might alleviate some of the issues mentioned above. Then discuss how Amazon S3 could be used to solve this problem.

Section 2:

To implement any strategy, you will have to interact with your counterpart in China.

Do some research on Chinese business culture. Based on your own perspectives of diversity and multiculturalism in the work environment, identify two things that will make it easy for you to bridge the cultural or communication differences with your counterpart and explain why. Conversely, identify three things that may prove to be challenging cultural or communication differences and explain how you will work to overcome them during your interaction with your Chinese counterpart.

Minimum Submission Requirements

  • This Assessment should be a Microsoft Word (minimum 350 words) document, in addition to the title and reference pages.
  • Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
  • Your paper must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
  • Your paper should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
  • Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
  • A separate page at the end of your research paper should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.
  • Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations were appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. For assistance with APA requirements, please go to APA Style Central. You will find the link in the Academic Tools section of the course. (It should include a cover sheet, paper is double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, correct citations, Standard English with no spelling or punctuation errors, and correct references at the bottom of the last page.)

If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.


Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. It violates the University Honor Code, and the offense is subject to disciplinary action. You are expected to be the sole author of your work. Use of another person’s work or ideas must be accompanied by specific citations and references. Whether the action is intentional or not, it still constitutes plagiarism.

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