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Job Materials Assignment

English 305, Technical Writing

Research the conventions of the job application process in your field, and write a resume and cover letter answering a job advertisement. Even though PDFs are the appropriate file format for job materials, submit the job ad, resume, and cover letter to my email as a .doc attachment so I’m able to leave comments more easily. As with any writing task, consider:

Purpose: Do the documents convey a clear sense of your purpose in writing? This one is easy for this assignment—your purpose is to convince your reader you’re a good candidate for the job.

Audience: Do the documents possess a clear sense of audience? Do the documents show that you understand the goals and needs of the organization and the position?

Conventions: Do your documents follow the general rules and format of cover letters and resumes? Do they follow the specific expectations of your field?

Please also include the job advertisement you’re responding to so I can judge how well you’ve crafted the materials to suit the position. Remember that this is the most important and most difficult assignment of the semester. Cover letters are very tricky and often take multiple drafts, and I put it on the syllabus first in part so you’d have plenty of time to revise and resubmit by the end of the course.

If Resume and cover letter attached doesn’t open. Here is what’s inside the file:

Civil Engineer Company Info

RPO Staffing

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Phone: 480-546-6432

Web Site:

Company Profile Title: Civil Engineer Location: Reno, NV Job ID: 62041

Job Advertisement

Job Description: An exciting opportunity is available for a Civil Engineer in Reno, NV.


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering

5-6 years of experience

Construction and field experience, specification writing, and highway design concepts is preferred

Computer literate in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD Civil 3D, GIS, and other software Able to interpret geotechnical and hydraulic support data, as related to roadway design


If you are ready to make a career change and need professional help, contact our recruitment team today! 480-546-6432 or email your resume to To view more vacancies visit today.

Ali Al Gawahmed

Civil Engineer, PE

Personal Information

Email: Phone: 720-238-

Resume Objective


Civil Engineering student continuing with studies at West Virginia University. Capable of working without supervision, and delivering quality services while focusing on safety, environmental, and health matters. An individual who is determined to employ design and management skills to improve RPO Staffing quality.


B.S. Civil Engineering

West Virginia University-Present Experience


Hard Skills

Trigonometry StormCAD AutoCAD

Soft Skills Leadership Interpersonal skills Collaboration

Problem solving Detail oriented

Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was thrilled to see your advertisement for the civil management position on your

website. I have a passion in engineering, and I am pursuing civil engineering at West Virginia University.

Besides being a keen observer of details in structure design and maintenance I also pay attention to criticism. I am a believer in teamwork, and I understand that it can only be achieved by valuing other people’s feedback. I hope to create relaxed but straightforward professional interactions with the employees in your company.

I look forward to joining your esteemed and reputable firm and discuss the projects that the company has and is planning to engage in.

Also enclosed is a copy of my resume that provides detailed information concerning my education and work experience. Kindly contact or email me for any clarification.


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