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1) Describe and explain the topic. You may include a history of the topic, word origins, examples of how the topic is utilized in the real world, etc.,. This page may not include images, but you may include images on a second page, if that is necessary for the explanation.

a) One-two page, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font Times New Roman, and at least 300 word count minimum, 500 word count maximum. Do NOT copy and paste from the internet. I will be running this assignment through TurnItIn to be sure there is no plagiarism. (50 points)

b) You must cite where you obtained your information, with at least two references. (20 points)

2) You must create a page of three practice problems, including the worked out and accurate solutions. This page can be designed any way you like it, and can include images. (30 points)

NOTE: Choosing an “easy” topic may be more difficult to satisfy the requirements of the assignment. Take your time in choosing a topic that you want to understand more of, and can complete effectively.


Bias data, skewed data


Frequency Table


Regression/Line Best Fit

Box and Whisker Plot


Empirical Rule

Margin of Error

Probability/w replacement

Probability w/0 replacement

Law of Large Numbers



Normal Distribution

Z value & Z score

Z Table & Meaning

Sample Distribution

Mean & Median

Mode & Outlier


Standard Deviation

Stem and Leaf

Sample Population

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