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The Affordable Care Act requires that all Americans have health insurance by March of 2014. Utilize your recently acquired knowledge of this new health care policy to answer the questions.

For this assignment, you will do the following:

1.Define individualism and social justice in your own words and include the following:

a. Discuss how individualism applies to being socially responsible.

b. Describe social justice with the application of a mandatory requirement for health insurance.

2.Within the context of your knowledge on social justice, discuss how the Affordable Care Act provides for social justice. Please support your argument with creditable professional sources.

This 2 page paper must reflect your opinion and your thoughts. However, if you make an argument to a specific position, you will need to reference a credible professional source.

Points Possible: 30

10 pts – discusses the issues of individualism and social justice with sufficient detail

10 pts – relates social justice and ACA with sufficient detail

5 pts – writing progresses logically and coherently

5 pts – writing level – LEVEL 2

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