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I’m working on a law project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Your lesson plan must include the following:

*Learning Goals and Objectives, Assessment Activities, Classroom Environment-Inclusivity.

*Course Name:

  1. At least six (6) weeks of course material, organized by theme. Each week will have a theme name that relates to what assignments you will assign. Each theme must pertain to social injustice (race and inequality) in the execution of criminal justice. You can choose the chronological timeline. You must include at least two documentaries that you will require students to review in that six-week period. The documentaries should be hosted by different narrators. The documentaries may be produced by the same entity (i.e. National Geographic, PBS, History Channel, Investigation Discovery, etc.) These should be assigned in different weeks to avoid overwhelming the students.
  2. You must include at least two (2) readings per week, for each themed week. The readings must be obtained from Open Educational Resources that are either in the public domain or license that allows anyone with free permission to retain, revise, remix, reuse, and redistribute. To sum it up, this is a creative commons license that helps copyright holders give free permission to use their work under certain conditions.
  3. They may NOT be from the same author. The authors must be authors from diverse backgrounds with diversity in thought and theory. You will give a full citation of the readings (author, the title of the journal article/book, publisher, publishing city).
  4. You must create at least one participation discussion activity that you will assign. This will be in the form of a discussion post (you will detail the direction of this assignment and the posting requirements) that require peer-to-peer participation as part of the grade. List at least four meaningful questions, Group Activity (if it were an in-person class or/ online). This may not be based on your two documentary listings. This may be added to whichever week of assignments you prefer.
  5. You must create a rubric for each assignment. Your rubric can be in the form of a chart or pictogram or any other clear means of communicating to students how the assignment will be graded. The rubric must include a score and information for Content/Organization/Grammar( Spelling)

I just need an Outline

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