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I’m working on a history project and need support to help me understand better.

Here you will share your Enrichment Activity assignment. You will also be giving feedback to other students on their enrichment activities. (Though this is shared in a discussion format, and graded as a discussion, it is actually listed as a separate assignment in your syllabus.)

Each student will do an enrichment activity that relates to course topics. Anything from the Paleolithic Era up to about 1530 CE could be a good topic 🙂

One possibility would be to visit a museum website related to world history and see their online collections or virtual tours. For example, the British Museum has a site called Museum of the World (Links to an external site.). You could also explore poetry, essays, art, architecture, music, or dancing that relates to cultures and time periods we are studying. I can also recommend historical documentaries or movies related to course topics. Whatever activity you choose, please make sure you focus on how it relates to things we have been learning about in our course.

Please find an activity (or two activities) that will involve about 3-4 hours of your time. You will be writing 2-3 pages about what you learned from the activity. Please make sure you focus on an activity such as visiting a museum online, visiting a historic site, listening to music, reading poetry, doing a historical game, cooking ancient foods, etc….you will be asked to write about the activity and not just give a bunch of information.

Please plan to share the activity in this forum by March 18, or sooner if you are ready. When you post in the forum, please give your activity a title that includes your name and a few words that describe what you explored. For example, it could be “Brad–Sufi Poetry” or “Miranda–Plato’s Republic” or “Zara-Medieval Sephardic Dancing“. Write a brief note (a few sentences) introducing your activity, and then attach your write-up and any pictures or links that will be helpful.

This forum is scheduled for Week 7 for this purpose. If you share your activity (or activities) as early as you can, that will allow more time for people to give you responses.

As part of this assignment, please give feedback to at least four other people on their activities. You can make the feedback one or two paragraphs…I encourage you to get into it! Please be specific about what you learned from their sharing, and see if you relate it to various things you have learned.

Please make sure you are giving feedback to people who do not already have a lot of feedback. If you can say something that nobody has said yet, that does make your responses more valuable.

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