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Prepare written responses in Excel to the following assignments.
Chapter 1: P1 & P9
Chapter 2: P1 & P2
This assignment will be submitted Sunday to the “W1/C1P1P9 C2P1P2” Dropbox.


The requirement for this course is that all Problem-sets involving calculations must be completed using Excel’s calculation capabilities. I must be able to see your answer and the “Cell Contents” including the detailed formulas supporting your answer. To this end you “Must” post all your work in Excel. Providing the “Answer Only” without details will earn you a maximum of 70% assuming the answer is correct, and “Zero” if it is not. Providing the assignment in any other format other than Excel “will not” be accepted”. You can attach a Work-Document where any written analysis is required, but Excel must accompany the submission supporting any analysis. Or, you can also use Excel’s “Insert>Textbox” as a better alternative to keep all your work in a single application.

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