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Answer the question “What Is World Literature?” Please use the supplied PDF to root your analysis and incorporate THREE themes and their respective works in your answer.

*Essentially, answer What Is World Literature by supporting what you think it is/why it is important by utilizing three themes (and a work from that theme) to support your claims.


Colonialism: Race Power and Desire

  • Fanon: “Black Skin, White Mask” OR “The Wretched of the Earth”
    • The black experience

War and Aftermath: Existence/Freedom and Relationship/Gender Conflicts

  • Al-Hakim“The Fate of a Cockroach” OR Celan “Death Fugue”
    • Hakim as “enemy of women” OR Representations of the Holocaust

Postcolonialism/globalism: The West’s “Ideal Other,” European Orientalism

  • Salman Rushdie “Imaginary Homelands” OR “The Courter”
    • Cultural crossing..

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