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Post-Colonial Literature Discussion Forum

After reading the assigned literature and viewing the online learning resources for this week, provide your initial thoughts on Achebe’s and Gordimer’s work, and discuss how elements of Post-Colonial literature are embodied in both “Once Upon a Time” and “Civil Peace.” In your discussion, make sure you make reference to the historical background and themes surrounding each story.

2, It’s time to reflect…. in a thorough post (approximately 150-200 words or more), please reflect on your experience in English 202. Some ideas for your response:

What was your favorite author and/or reading, and why? What did you learn that you think will stick with you; or, what did you like most about the class? What was the biggest challenge? How can an English class like late World literature be an important or useful course later on in college or life, even if you’re not an English, Education or Humanities major?

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