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English 1302: Comp II

Prof Brown

Worth: 100 points in the Final category

Purpose: To write an Annotated Bibliography that includes 6 sources with each containing a brief summary of the source’s thesis and how it could possibly be used in the final Argumentative Research paper. The Annotated Bibliography MUST have:

  • an MLA heading and format
  • a centered title with a hint to the working thesis
  • a working thesis which must contain the issue and your stand on the issue–if you know what evidence you will use in the paper, include a direction statement with a preview of the evidence topics.
  • a list of 6 sources in alphabetical order, in the style of an MLA Works, Cited page with the short paragraph or annotation below each source.

Audience and Tone: your audience is your peers (though I’m the only one reading it). Keep your tone scholarly and elevated with carefully chosen words. All Standard English rules apply.

**An example of an Annotated Bibliography is attached to this assignment.**

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