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I’m working on a social science report and need support to help me study.


This is a field paper topic on “The influence of Decentralization of the city on traffic congestion


It can’t be limited to a certain geographic location. What needs to be discussed is the topic itself. If you want to discuss it in a comprehensive way, it can be understood as a discussion of the impact of decentralization of cities on traffic congestion all over the world.

The file I attached,

1. The statement in Topic Blog must be followed.

2. Tips will be very helpful

3. Instruction must be used, we need at least 20 academic sources.

4. Feedback is very useful. We need this article to have a subtitle, flow, and instructions.

5. Please take a look at syllabus’s focus on this course.

Need 2500+ words, academic sources over 20.

Thank you.

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