Chapter 7: Child Abuse


 Each student is required to write 1 post on the discussion board for each chapter. Each post has to demonstrate a meaningful synthesis of the material posted (like a research article) and the corresponding chapter assigned. Keep in mind that your discussion forum postings will likely be seen by other members of the course. Care should be taken when determining what to post.

Specifically, your posts should be critically reflecting on each week’s postings, relate them back to the week’s chapter, and will be graded based on your ability to connect the two in a thoughtful and coherent way. You can earn up to 3 points per post, please refer to the attached rubric when submitting your post to see the criteria upon which you will be graded. Keep in mind that these posts are meant to flow as a dialogue between all students enrolled in the class. It is very important that you reference your readings in these weekly posts as just making a post does not guarantee points. Your grade for each post will be based on the quality of your response. Hence, giving a blanket “I agree/I disagree” answers or opinions that anyone could write without having an in-depth understanding of the material assigned will not be accepted. It is also important that you read the week’s posting in its entirety. It is highly recommended to read previous posts so that you do not write similar ideas. Again, part of the grading criteria includes the student’s ability to add value to the ongoing discussion by connecting the material with information from the book and possibly outside sources. Postings should be no shorter or longer than two paragraphs and should show your understanding of the week's readings.

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