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I’m working on a history case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

In the spirit of Barack Obama’s speech on “A More Perfect Union,” pretend you are a presidential candidate for the next election. Write a speech to the nation explaining how you are going to lead the nation, what your priorities will be, why those priorities are important, and how you will achieve them. We are relying on you!

Note: Follow the instructions closely. You have read the textbook and a variety of primary sources. You have considered the ideas of others in depth. Now it is time to present your own.

Your post should include four strong paragraphs of at least 7-8 sentences each. Include lots of very specific plans and reasons for those plans. Aim for 2000 words

Paragraph 1:

Announce your candidacy for the presidency of the United States – make up your own party name if you like. Then explain how you are going to lead the nation.

Paragraph 2:

Identify the priorities that your administration will focus on.

Paragraph 3:

Explain why those will be the top priorities for your administration.

Paragraph 4:

Explain how you will achieve your administrations’ goals.

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