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I’m working on a accounting project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

– Financial Statement Analysis – Project

The Company is COSTCO

1.Overview of the company


B.Stock Symbol

C.Price – (current, and 52 week high and low)

D.Dividend Yield – For the 3 prices listed above

E.Background – History, origin of name/company, products

F.Board of Directors – How many, background, anything interesting

2.Common Size

A.Balance Sheet – Vertically and Horizontally

B.Income Statement – Vertically & Horizontally

C.Comment on the changes that you see

3.Ratios – 6 Catagories



C.Compare and comment on any anomalies



B.Talk about companies prospects

C.Talk about competition

I am including here a sample project for Macy Inc that can help you do the same thing. Please use the sample projet and only change information.

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