Question Description

I’m working on a management project and need an explanation to help me learn.

Project Theme

Your team has identified that it is best to outsource, or procure, multiple components of the transition to digitized EMR’s for Health Sciences North (HSN).

Inferred Details:

Overall objective of the project theme is to create a Procurement Management Plan for the expansion.

Assignment 1 Details

You may use brief point form throughout the assignment, provided that the meaning, the purpose, and the relevance is clear to the reader.

Produce and submit a document or documents providing the following details in the order they are presented here.

1.Provide a description of your imagined transition to EMR’s focused on details that are related to timing and scheduling, or that may be used to reason through time management processes.

2.Identify exactly what would need to be procured, listing specific activities or products.

3.State all assumptions as a numbered list.

4.Complete a Procurement Management Plan.

For this assignment, only reason through these specific processes as they pertain to the theme objective. You may use the output of other processes in other courses as placeholder inputs for these processes, or you may use your collective imagination for inputs. What is being evaluated is your ability to reason through and apply these time management processes only.

You may use provided templates as is. You may also edit them as you see fit, adding or removing fields and information where it may clarify your work.


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