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Please watch these two short videos and write at least half page reflection, maximum a page on them. The assignment on BB is named “Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression” It is on the “content” section

Watch the video. Please make the reflection paper on the implications for the diversity class. Take guidance on the following questions:

What call your attention from the video? Why?

What do you think regarding calling people for their prefer pronoun?

Did the video help to “embrace” diversity or the opposite? Why?

I recommend reading the questions first and then watch the video. The idea is to reflect on new information that may or may not go against our social construction

Also, be ready to share your thoughts to the class (and gain participation points)

This video is informative in nature

Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression | Riley J. Dennis (about 12 minutes)

Also, with this video I am sending you a 2 page document to complement the information on the video. The document is titled “What Is Gender Dysphoria?”(See attachment)

Take a pause and reflect on the first video. Then Please watch the second video (Less than 5 minutes)

Growing Up Transgender: Malisa’s Story | NBC Nightly News

Did your point of view change a little bit after seen the second video? Why?

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