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Research Worksheets (10%) – In some weeks, students will be required to read empiricalarticles that provide evidence of the content covered that week and/or introduce contemporaryresearch on the content covered that week. These readings will be posted to Blackboard in themodules of the relevant week. After reading an assigned article, students will complete aResearch Worksheet and turn it in via Blackboard. A template that students are required to useto complete these assignments will be posted to Blackboard. A total of 4 Research Worksheetsare required to be completed. Students may complete an additional Research Worksheet on anarticle of their choice (that is not already being used for another assignment) for extra credit.This is completely optional and is available to every student registered in this class. This extracredit assignment will be worth up to 2.5% of your total grade in the class. If interested, studentsmust turn in their extra credit Research Worksheet

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