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E-learning for Training and Potential Barriers

In Chapter 5 of the textbook, e-learning as a method of training is discussed. In Chapter 6, potential barriers of e-learning readiness to implementing e-learning as a training method are examined. In a two- to three- page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), examine e-learning and the barriers. Include the following in your paper:

  • Describe e-learning as a training method.
  • Describe the potential barriers of e-learning readiness.
  • Analyze how e-learning readiness has affected your success at University of Arizona Global Campus.
  • Explain what a trainer can do to prepare learners for e-learning.

Your paper must include in-text citations and references from at least two scholarly sources, excluding the textbook, and be formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Writing Center.


Kopp, D. M. (2014). Human resource development: Performance improvement through learning [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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