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Your semester project will be very personal and it will be as relevant as you make it. Most students simply go through college to get it done because it’s considered by many as the perfect path to the ideal job and salary. Often times little thought is given to what they really want to, why they want to do it, where they prefer to do it, or how can they really achieve their goals.

Your goal this semester is to achieve clarity about yourself so you can take control of your career and your life. Be mindful and purposeful with your choices; ask yourself WHY with every choice you make. Begin work on your entrepreneurial adventure and personal brand. When you step from college into the work market place, you will be confident about what you are looking for, what you are offering, and that you will be excellent.

Shark Tank Pitch Guidelines

  • You will have no more than 3 minutes to deliver your pitch.
  • Include in your pitch your name, your location, and your background.
  • Share your business mission and products and services.
  • Who is your target market or customer?
  • State your current progress towards your plans.
  • What do you need to get there?

  • Final Output Shark Tank Presentation Script – 100 points

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