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Things to do for this assignment:

Part 1 – After watching ALL thirty seven videos on this playlist (if you prefer reading, besides watching, you can always download the transcript from each video at YouTube) (Links to an external site.)

present a list with the MOST important lesson (in your opinion) from EACH of the videos.

– Here is a sample of how to successfully complete this part 1:

“On video 1 ‘Contracts: Introduction to Contracts” I learned that …. works/means…..”

Repeat this for the remaining 36 videos.

Part 2 – Choose ONE of the 37 lessons you have listed on the previous question above, and share how that knowledge could have helped you in of yours real life events. If you can’t think of onesuch event, or don’t feel comfortable sharing; just present an example of how such chosen lesson can be useful to you in the future (there is no minimum, nor maximum number of words, as long as you explain well enough for us all to understand).

– This is a sample of how you can successfully answer this question:

“When I was…..there was a situation where….if I….I could have used….which I believe could have helped change the outcome …”


“I believe that what I learned on video…episode…about…can help me in the future in situations where….”


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