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Most modern readers are offended by Perrault’s version of “Little Red Riding Hood.” They are used to–from reading or listening- a version of Little Red in which she survives the wolf (she either escapes, is saved by a woodsman, or is cut out of his belly before she is ingested) and have been told that the story is a warning to wary of strangers. Perrault instead tells a tale in which Little Red is devoured and he attaches a moral that explains the danger comes not from strangers but from acquaintances who pretend friendliness but are really predators.

Perrault as author clearly has no sympathy for Little Red. He has no tear to shed for her. So how would you describe his attitude toward in the story if it cant be described as sympathic or sorrowful? In telling the story does he do any to prevent a reader from feeling sympathy?

Read the Little red riding Hood on the attached file

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