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Jaime has worked with KBR Clothing for almost five years. The first four years, she always hit her goals, but this year has been different. Jaime struggled to stay motivated. She knows this is partly because of a promised raise once she achieved an individual sales quota that she did not receive after completing the goal. Jaime’s manager, Todd, tries to motivate her in various ways; however, the tactics the manager is using are not effective. Todd always offers a free pizza lunch in the breakroom, but Jaime likes to leave on her lunch break. Also, Todd does not seem to consider the challenges that a global pandemic has had on her ability to achieve her goals. He is always micromanaging her because he thinks “she can do more”. However, Jaime feels that she has proven she is a great employee and should be given some understanding and empathy. Adding to the problem of low productivity and morale, her two co-workers (who have both been with the organization only a year or less) are also having problems hitting their goals. The entire team seems to be struggling.

You are Todd’s boss, the District Manager. You will be in the store next week to discuss the challenges the store has been facing. You are planning a conversation with Jaime individually because she is the most senior employee and has been high achieving for many years. You are writing notes for that conversation. You want to make sure you are well prepared and are trying to consider some of the reasons that you think Jaime could be struggling. You decide to break down the conversation into both possible internal and external challenges Jaime, along with the entire team, could be facing. You will also discuss motivation and motivational theories you think could help the entire team be more engaged and satisfied.



to complete the outline of your planned conversation with Jaime. Your outline should include bulleted main points with detailed points under each main point you want to discuss. Your response should include:

  1. External factors that could be impacting the team’s ability to be successful.
  2. Internal factors that could be impacting the team’s ability to be successful.
  3. Motivational theories and factors that could help the team be more engaged and satisfied.

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