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A student nurse is helping a registered nurse with a blood transfusion. Which actions by the student are most appropriate? (Select all that apply)

A.Hanging the blood product using normal saline and a filtered tubing set.

B.Taking a full set of vital signs prior to starting the blood transfusion.

C.Telling the client someone will remain at the bedside for the first 5 minutes.

D.Using gloves to start the client’s IV if needed and to handle the blood product.

E.Verifying the client’s identity and checking blood compatibility and expiration time.

After answering the previous question, expand your response including:

-Nursing actions before, during, and after a blood transfusion (Nursing Actions & Rationales)

-Blood transfusions compatibilities

-Understanding age related changes, what alterations in the usual protocol are necessary for the nurse to implement when administering a blood transfusion to an older adult?

Submit your response in a word document (with no more than 3 pages) following APA style 7th Edition.

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